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The PIs at Oregon State University (OSU) have formed a partnership with five Oregon Community Colleges, two Science Centers, and state and federal agencies to develop a Track 2, 5-year OEDG program open to undergraduates from all under-represented groups.  

Oregon State University  

Oregon Community Colleges

Oregon Science Centers

State and Federal Agencies


Oregon State University:

Shan de Silva, IDES PI, Professor of Geosciences, Associate Director Oregon Space Grant

Dawn Wright, IDES co-PI, Professor of Geosciences, Director of GIScience Certificate Program, summer workshop delivery

Robert Duncan, IDES co-PI, Emeritus Professor of Oceanography, CEOAS

Lynette de Silva, IDES Program Coordinator, Professional Faculty, CEOAS

Lalo (Eduardo) Guerrero, IDES Program Assistant, PhD Candidate, Geology, CEOAS

Miguel Goni, IDES Executive Committee, Assoc. Prof., Chemical Oceanography

Marta Torres, IDES Executive Committee, Assoc. Prof., Geological Oceanography

Stephen Lancaster, IDES Executive Committee, Asst. Prof., Fluvial Geomorphology, Faculty advisor for AISES

Allison Davis-White Eyes, IDES Advisory Committee, Director, Indian Education Office

Jon Kimerling, IDES Advisory committee, Evaluation and Assessment coordinator, Professor and Chairperson of Geosciences

Roger Nielsen, Evaluation and Assessment advisor, Professor and former Chairperson of Geosciences


Oregon Community Colleges:

Deborah Cochran, IDES Executive Committee, Portland CC, Director, Portland Teachers Program

Margie Fyfield, Division Dean Science and Technology, Portland Community College, Rock Creek

Eriks Puris, Portland CC Instructor, geology and general science; summer workshop delivery

Tom Robertson, Portland CC Instructor, Environmental Science and GIS methods

Greg Mulder, IDES Executive Committee, Linn-Benton CC Instructor, physics and general science

Deron Carter, Linn-Benton CC Instructor, geology and general science, summer workshop delivery

Ron Jantzi,  Chemeketa CC Instructor, physics and general science

Doug Ure, IDES Executive Committee, Chemeketa CC Instructor, biology and general science


Oregon Science Centers:

Kerry Carlin-Morgan, IDES Executive Committee, IDES Assessment Coordinator, Oregon Coast Aquarium, Director of Public Programs

Marilyn Johnson, IDES Advisory Board, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Educational Programs

Carol Leone, IDES Advisory Board, The Museum at Warm Springs, Director of Education Programs


State and Federal Agencies:

Cynthia Gardner, USGS, Cascades Volcano Observatory, IDES Advisory Committee

Bob Embley, NOAA/PMEL hydrothermal vents and ocean floor mapping group

Andra Bobbitt, NOAA/PMEL, hydrothermal vents and ocean floor mapping group, marine GIS

Waldo Wakefield, NOAA/NMFS fisheries management

Steve Parker, Oregon Dept Fish & Wildlife, estuarine ecology

Ted DeWitt, EPA, estuarine ecology

Brett Dumbauld, USDA, estuarine ecology