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Recruitment and Retention

A key component of IDES is the recruitment process (Figure 1). A previous reviewer questioned whether the success of NAMSS/NASENR, which was focused in Marine Science/Oceanography could be translated to Geosciences because of the relatively low population of minorities that are interested in the latter. We believe that the IDES network and recruitment strategies will ensure that IDES will be exposed C-6 to a significant under-represented population. We believe we have developed a program that will maximize our chances of success.

Recruitment into the program is critical to develop synergy between program and student expectations, ensuring students can pursue a project of personal relevance, and matching the students with an appropriate mentor/agency. The two-year pathway for the student will be established firmly before a student starts the program. We will focus on rising juniors, but have some flexibility in funding (Oregon Space Grant commitment of five awards) to consider exceptional cases who would enter into the program as rising sophomores.

IDES Recruitment